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Highly experienced, elite, FemDom Goddess whom enjoys female supremacy & fetish- from sensual

domination, to strict and intense!

​​​I am Lady Zara- a truly sophisticated goddess that loves the art of fetish, and using men and seeing how weak they are for me.


You will be addressing me as Mistress or Lady Zara. I have been a dominant individual since a young age, when I discovered that I had men begging to submit to me and be used- perhaps due to the fact I exude strength and power, or perhaps it's my sophistication and weakening style, paired with my height and looks. I am naturally very controlling and assertive, therefore this was a perfect fit for me! In addition, I do have a sensual side and would consider my style to incorporate this varied spectrum- every visitor is different, and thus treated as such; I don't need to shout to bring you to submission in my presence.

The exchange of power is very arousing, and watching men appreciate the female supremacy adds to my thrill. I also am a sadist with the right receiver, and love watching reactions as I give pain- from light and mild, to intense and continual. Humiliation is another great turn on for me, as well as sensually teasing and weakening men- a total favourite! Do keep in mind that if some of my briefly mentioned interests are not specifically within your fetishes, this does not mean it is expected of every session- boundaries are respected, as submission is a gift entrusted to a dominant one. Read My Interests page here for more info.

I host sessions at my private fetish chambers in Aberystwyth. Before a session, I always obtain some info to understand my visitor, in terms of their likes/desires/fantasies/limits for serving & submitting to me- I do not treat everyone the same as though it were a scripted, mechanical, artificial act- I love getting inside your head, reading you, and reaching new levels!

My vital statistics are as follows, for those with a curious mind: 

Age- late 20s

Height- 5ft 10in

Dress size- UK 10/12

Bra size- 34C

Shoe size- UK 7