• INITIAL CONTACT: You will need to complete this online contact form in full, click here - don't skip this step as I find it very annoying and inconsiderate. Once we have agreed upon a session time and discussed availability, you will then need to pay a deposit to secure your time with me. After a deposit is received, my chamber's address info will be forwarded, and the appointment is confirmed.

  • ADVANCED ARRANGEMENT: All sessions must be arranged in advance, at least 24hrs notice, or more to ensure your desired time is available. My time for these activities is limited, as I only allow a small number of sessions per week at my choosing. 

  • ​​DEPOSITS SCHEME: Deposits are ALWAYS required for every session- there are no exceptions to this, and a deposit is still required for even same day appointments. I treat this with immense professionalism and only have time for serious applicants to serve me. No deposit = no session. The amount is from £40, depending on the duration of session, etc.

  • HOW TO PAY YOUR DEPOSIT: ​Deposits can be sent DISCREETLY without any worry from your side, as I offer a variety of methods to settle them...

  • If you wish to remain anonymous, you can pay cash in person at any HSBC branch using my business bank details to pay in at either the counter, or paying in machines (my business bank name is also very discreet and not incriminating- fear not), or electronic bank transfer. 

  • CANCELLATION POLICY: Deposits are non-refundable, however they are transferrable to a future booking date. I operate a 24hr cancellation policy. If you notify me with this amount of notice, or more, then your deposit  can be rolled over ONCE to a future alternative booking date, but only once- not again and again after continuous cancellations. 

Tel. 07542 958 321