Tel. 07542 958 321


How do I book a session?

Please click here to view the Booking Procedure page for all info.

Do I have to pay a deposit for a session?

Yes. I do not have time for cancellations nor dreamers - I am a professional. 

Am I too young / too old?

I welcome sessions within anymore 18+, to no upper age limit, and my current clientele includes all ages, from very young to very mature.

How tall are you? 

Without shoes, I am 5ft 10 inches, and with heels then usually 6ft+ to 6ft 3 inches!

How old are you?

Old enough to have been doing this and enjoying it a good while! I'm late 20s, and very content with how I look - I don't lie about my age.

What size and shoe size are you?

UK dress size 10 sometimes 12, and French size 40-42. Measurements are 36-28-36 inches, and bra size is 34C. Shoe size is UK 7.

What accent do you have?

Seductively well-spoken British.

Where are you located?

My privately-operated personal chambers are discreetly located in Cheltenham, in a spacious setting.

Do you have a dungeon/playspace?

Yes! I have a large 1000sq ft studio space that is well equipped and very discreet. It's not in a residential area, and therefore very off the beaten track and out of general public view- whilst still being in the heart of Cheltenham with parking right near my entrance. Shower facilities and all home comforts are within the space, too - after all, Mistress expects to be comfortable!

I'm nervous about meeting you, is your venue discreet?

I take discretion VERY, VERY, VERY seriously, and therefore I expect you to do the same. I am a high class professional, and have been operating a long time. My playspace/dungeon is very well hidden and within a highly unsuspecting location - there is NO signage to relate to anything that links me nor you to what is going on during our time together, and there are no residential neighbours to catch a glimpse of you coming or going. There is parking literally right near my entrance which is out of sight and highly discreet. 

Do you see beginners?

Yes of course, I love seeing novices and breaking them into the world of kink.

Are you harsh/intense/severe?

No two people are alike, and therefore I do not dish out the same level to everyone - this is down to be being a professional at reading and gauging how much you can take, and through judging by your body language and response. In some sessions where I feel being very wicked and harsh is appropriate, then I let my inner bitch run wild - but for some, a soft and sensual goddess that just weakens you with a beautiful voice and soft touch is enough in itself to get you desperate to please and push your limits further!

May I bring you a gift?

Absolutely. I adore being surprised with an additional tribute in gift form. My favourite gifts are flowers, champagne, and perfume. Please don't bring chocolates as I am not a fan!!! In fact the only sweet things I like are Arabic or Persian sweets!

Is your chambers hygienic? 

​I am a clean freak in my home and anywhere I spend time- this is true of any real goddess who takes pride in herself and her surroundings. Every item used during a session is placed into a sterilise box for me to thoroughly sterilise after the session is completed using medical grade disinfectant AND a second cleaning in alcohol gel! If you would like extra peace of mind, please let me know when arranging the session to advise that you'd like to watch me give all items we use a quick final swipe with alcohol cleaner as you watch before we begin using as we go along.